Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Announced: Price, Release Date and Technical Data

The Nintendo Switch Lite will go on sale on September 20 for a price of 199 Usd and will be available in three colors: yellow, gray and turquoise.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a slightly smaller screen than the original Switch, and has no detachable controls

Nintendo Switch Lite is compatible with all video games of the hybrid console although some will have restrictions. This is the case of 1.2, Switch, which will require additional Joy-Con controls to take advantage of its movement control. “If a game is compatible with Joy-Con functions, such as HD vibration, infrared motion camera and motion sensors, certain features of the game will not be available if only the Nintendo Switch Lite is used.” , stand out in its official website.

The new platform is committed to an exclusively portable model which means that it will not be possible to connect it to the television as it is the case with the original version of Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Lite features:

  • Smaller 5.5 inch touch screen
  • Lighter, all-in-one design (no detachable Joy-Con controllers)
  • D-pad style control pad
  • Improved 3-7 hour battery life
  • No IR or HD rumble functions
  • No ability to dock to TV or play in ‘tabletop’ mode

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